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Half size ISA Bus
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Intel® Pentium ® 4 or Celeron®(D) processor based PICMG 64-bit SBC with DDR SDRAM, VGA, Dual Gigabit Ethernet, Audio and USB 2.0


External bus supports up to 64-bit/66 MHz PCI-X bus for driving higher speed line cards
High quality and reliable design for wider range Intel® Pentium® 4/Celeron® (D) (0.13 micron & 90 nm process) processor support mission critical operation
Support Mobile Intel® Pentium® 4-M processor for low power consumption application
Dual on-board Gigabit Ethernet for network redundancy application
Standard features for embedded system deployment like H/W monitoring, WDT and SSD
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Socket 478 Pentium® 4 or Celeron® (D)processor based PICMG 64-bit SBC with DDR SDRAM, VGA, dual Gigabit Ethernet, audio and USB 2.0



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