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KIOSK Solution

Designed with self-service application in mind, our Kiosk solutions all feature with easy-to-install and easy-to-maintain advantages. HERCULES is a flexible and robust device that can be mounted virtually anywhere in any forms including tabletop, pedestal, pole and wall mount. Built on industrial standard, POSEIDON is slim and reliable self-service kiosk. SCORPIO is a rugged and high-performance photo kiosk to accelerate the digital photo order processing. LIBRA is a compact and self-contained mini Kiosk designed for space-constricted desktop use.
EZ Photo Y series
15" TFT Touch Screen
Photo Kiosk
EZ Photo A
15" TFT Touch LCD Multipurpose Kiosk
EZ Shop
15" TFT Touchscreen LCD Photo Kiosk
15" Intel Pentium III/IV Multimedia Photo KIOSK
15" Intel Pentium III/IV Multimedia Interactive
15" Slim-profile Intel Pentium III/IV Self-service KIOSK
12.1" TFT Intel Socket 370 Celeron/Pentium III or Socket 478 Celeron-based mini Kiosk

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