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5.25" EBX CPU Card
3.5" Mini CPU Card
PC/104 CPU Module
PC/104 Module
ETX CPU Module
Mini-ITX Motherboard
Wide Temp Solution
COM Express Module
Qseven™ module
Base board

PC/104 & PC/104+ Module
PC/104 Module
PM-3001 PC/104 Module with 2 isolated CAN, 8 isolated DI & 8 isolated DO

PC/104 Module with a four channel counter/timer, 16 isolated DI & 16 isolated DO

PM-3003 PC/104 Module with 8 isolated DI & 8 isolated DO & 2 channel AI
PM-3004 PC/104 Module with two isolated CAN , eight isolated DI and eight isolated DO and two channel AI
PM-1002 PC/104 Dual CAN & LAN Module
PM-1004 PC/104 4-port RS-232/422/485 Module
PM-1028 PC/104 4/8-Port RS-232 Module
PM-1031 PC/104 10Mbps Ethernet & DOC Socket Module
PM-1038 PC/104 2-slot PCMCIA Module
PM-1033 PC/104 HM86508 LCD/CRT VGA Module
PM-1037CS PC/104 CompactFlash Converter Module with 2S1P
PM-P001 PC/104 100W DC/DC 8-36VDC Input 12V, 5V, -12V, 5VSB Output
PM-P002 PC/104 100W DC to DC Converter Module
PM-P003 PC/104 65W DC to DC Converter Module
PM-P004 PC/104 40W DC to DC Converter Module
PM-P005 PC/104 60W DC to DC Converter Module
PCI/104 Module
PM-2008 PCI/104 8-ports RS-232/422/485 Module
PM-2004 PCI/104 4-ports RS-232/422/485 Module
EPM-1059 PCI/104 4-CH Hardware MPEG-4 Video/Audio Capture Module
EPM-1056 PCI/104 4-Channel 30 fps Video Capture Module
EPM-G2RS PCI/104 Dual GbE, e-SATA, SATA Function
PM-1053 PCI/104 MPEG2 Video/Audio Capture Card
PM-1054 PCI/104 Two-Slot Card Bus PCMCIA Module
PM-1056 PCI/104 4/16 Chanels Video Capture Module
PM-1057 PCI/104 4-Channel Serial ATA & USB 2.0 Module
PM-1059 PCI/104 4-Channel MPEG 4 Video/Audio Capture Module, RoHS
PM-6814 PCI/104 Low Power Video/Audio Capture Card
PC/104+ Module
PM-MPCI PC/104+ for PM-MPCI-PLUS, PCI-104 for PM-MPCI 
PM-1001 PC/104+ PCI to ISA Bridge Module
PM-1002 PC/104+ Dual CAN & LAN module
PM-1054L/R PC/104+ Card Bus PCMCIA Module (Left & Right Sides)
PM-1058 PC/104+ Dual Channel MPEG 4 Video/Audio Capture Module

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