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6U Enterprise High Density Intelligent Server

Version 2006 tank mechanism, the strongest Dual Processors solution, full-size deep expansion cards supported

S670 designed with super strong sheet metal works which is extremely durable as a tank mechanism, all chassis adopted the enhanced less-cable and mechanical construction design, the surface or the sheet metal's edge won't have any sharp burs while installing the system integration by hands, combine the strong cooling system control, it's the most ideal system for your HPC system. Regarding the motherboard compatibility, it supports all specification such as Intel Dual Xeon, Intel Dual Xeon Nocona, Intel Socket 478 P4 or Socket 775 P4 as well as AMD Dual Opteron are all compatible. This high-density server also designed to meet the diverse and demanding needs of today's enterprise-class computing environment such as RAID system or NAS application, through 32 hotswap hard drives and two 5.25" CD bay capacity, and thermal-correct cooling design with this platform, the heat at processors and inside chassis keep cool running for 24 hours a day. It supports 1350W redundant power supply sources that keep the system stable and mission critical. it represents a versatile platform for a wide range of applications within data center environments. It is the ideal platform for multi-server configurations such as cluster head nodes, front-end solutions, e-commerce, domain controllers, exchange servers, web servers, database servers and web-hosting servers. It is also ideally suited as an application server for corporate enterprise customers, where maximum 32 internal or hotswap hard disk space is required.

Support the newest AMD Dual Core Opteron, Intel Socket 775 P4, Socket 478 P4, Dual Xeon, Dual Xeon Nocona recommended.


front view back view
left view right view
top view  
Bulid-in Multiple Intelligent Control Device on the front
total 34 drive bay capacity listed as below :
- 32 standard 3.5" internal HDD and 2 5.25" CD bay (S670)
- 32 SATA II or SAS hotswap mobile racks and 2 5.25" CD bay (S670SATAII)
- 32 SCSI hotswap mobile racks and 2 5.25" CD bay (S670SCSI)
Build-in 1350W redundant power supply with PFC
with three intake 120 x 38mm ball bearing fans
with 180-degree rotatable rear-center mounting kit
support eATX MB, Intel EEB 3.61 and CEB1.01, maximum 12" x 13"
support 7 slot full height (max. 342mm depth) expansion cards housing
black colored painting as standard

external dimension: 19" x 6U x 25" (633mm deep)

(option 1) two exhaust 60 x 25mm ball bearing fans at rear panel
(option 2) 26" full extension slide rail at two sides of chassis

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