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PCIe Low Power Real Time Video/Audio Capture Card Interface Video Processing
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New generation PCIe x 1 high speed interface
Ultra Low Power consumption, only 0.4W for 30fps@D1 per channel
30fps/ch at all resolutions with audio capturing
4 x GP input and 4 x GP output with I/O kit in packing
Drivers including Windows 2000/XP and Linux kernel 2.6 available
Video Input 4 channels composite video NTSC/PAL/SECAM auto sensing
Video Connector BNC
Audio Input 4 channel analog audio
Audio Connector Audio kit with 3.5mm audio jack connector
Card ID selectable with LED for ID indication
Alarm I/O GPIO daughter board with 4 inputs and 4 outputs
Video Engine 4 x Techwell 6802
Resolution NTSC:
720 x 480/704 x 480/640 x 480/352 x 240/320 x 240/176 x 112
720 x 576/704 x 576/640 x 576/352 x 288/176 x 144
Frame Rate NTSC: Total 120fps@D1 for 4 channels
PAM/SEACAM: 100fps@D1 for 4 channels
System X86 PC compatible computer
Graphic DirectX Compatible VGA card with YUV overlay mode supporting
Device Driver Windows 2000, XP Linux Kernel 2.6
SDK Provide SDK and demo program with sample source code in C++
Dimensions 119.91mm x 106.68mm
Operation Temperature 0~60℃(32~140℉), non-condensing
Power Consumption 2.7W, 540mA@5V
Ordering Info
IVCE-268G-R10 PCIex1 interface, 4 channel 120fps@D1 video & audio capture card, RoHS

Packing List
1*audio input kit
1*GPIO kit 1*utility CD
1*GPIO cable 1*QIG

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