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Low Power Real Time Video/Audio Capture Card
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Ultra Low Power consumption, only 0.4W for 30fps@D1 per channel
30fps/ch at all resolutions with audio capturing
4 x GP input and 4 x GP output with I/O kit in packing
Drivers including Windows 2000/XP and Linux kernel 2.6 available
Video Input 4 channels composite video NTSC/PAL/SECAM auto sensing
Video Connector BNC
Audio Input 4 channel analog audio
Audio Connector Audio kit with 3.5mm audio jack connector
PCI Interface PCI 2.1 compliance
Card ID selectable with LED for ID indication
Alarm I/O GPIO daughter board with 4 inputs and 4 outputs
System X86 PC compatible computer
Graphic DirectX Compatible VGA card with YUV overlay mode supporting
Video Engine 4 x Techwell 6802
Resolution NTSC:
720 x 480/704 x 480/640 x 480/352 x 240/320 x 240/176 x 112
720 x 576/704 x 576/640 x 576/352 x 288/176 x 144
Frame Rate NTSC: Total 120fps@D1 for 4 channels
PAM/SEACAM: 100fps@D1 for 4 channels
Device Driver Windows 2000, XP Linux Kernel 2.6
SDK Provide SDK and demo program with sample source code in C++
Dimensions 119.91mm x 106.68mm
Operation Temperature 0~60�J(32~140�K), non-condensing
Power Consumption 2.7W, 540mA@5V
Ordering Info
IVC-268G-R10 PCI interface, 4 channel 120fps@D1 video & audio capture card, RoHS

Packing List
1*audio input kit
1*GPIO kit 1*utility CD
1*GPIO cable 1*QIG

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