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Digital Video Recorder
Video Capture Card
Extender Boxes

PCIe Low Power Real Time Video/Audio Capture Card Interface Video Processing

Encoding or Decoding up to 1920x1080@60p
Four input channels with 1920x1080@60p per channel
Pass through for transmitting uncompressed video up to 1080p resolution
Capture or record HD content in H.264 format
Playback the recordings on HDMI display
Reduce the amount of hard disk space needed by real-time H.264 recording compression capability
Support multiple card(maximum 8 ports HDMI input)
Low power consumption
Application: Video Game,DVD/Blu-ray Player, Camcorder,Video Surveillance,Video analyzer,Video post production
Ordering Info
HDC-304E-R10 PCI express video/audio capture card with four HDMI input channels,1920x1080@60p, and Hardware H.264 codec

Packing List
1 * HDC-304E
1 * HDMI output kit
1 * utility CD  

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