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ULV IntelR CeleronR M processor ISA Bus SBC with CF Reader, DVI-I/CRT/LVDS, Audio, Dual LAN & USB2.0

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ULV IntelR CeleronR M processor 600MHz/512K
Supports 400/533MHz FSB
One DDR socket with a max. capacity of 1GB
IntelR 852GME GMCH/ICH4 chipset
Winbond W83627HF super I/O chipset
IntelR 82852GME graphics controller
18-bit/36-bit LVDS Panel display interface
IntelR 82562ET and 82551ER dual fast Ethernet controller
AC97 3D audio controller
Fast PCI ATA/33/66/100 IDE controller
CF card adapter, 2 COM, 3 USB2.0 ports
Hardware Monitor function
CPU IntelR PentiumR M processor 760 2.0GHz
IntelR PentiumR M processor 745 1.8GHz
IntelR CeleronR M processor 370 1.5GHz
IntelR CeleronR M processor 320 1.3GHz
Bus Interface ISA Bus
Front Side Bus Supports 400/533MHz FSB
Memory One DDR socket supporting up to 1GB
Chipse IntelR 852GME GMCH/ICH4 chipset
I/O chipset Winbond W83627HF
CompactFlash One, Type I/II IDE interface adapter
VGA IntelR 82852GME for CRT display or CHRONTEL 7301 for DVI-I display, supporting up to 1600 x 1200 (DVI-I and CRT connector is optional)
LVDS Panel Supports 18-bit single channel/36-bit dual channel LVDS interface
Ethernet IntelR 82562ET and 82551ER dual 10/100 Based LAN
Audio AC97 3D audio controller
IDE Two 2.54-pitch 40-pin IDE connectors
FDD Supports up to two floppy disk drives
Serial Port 16C550 UART-compatiable RS-232/422/485 x1 and RS-232 x 1 serial ports with 16-byte FIFO
USB 3 USB2.0 ports, internal x 2 and external x 1
Keyboard/Mouse PS/2 6-pin Mini DIN (optional) or 6-pin header
BIOS Award PnP Flash BIOS
Watchdog Timer Software programmable time-out intervals from 1~256 sec.
CMOS Battery backup
Hardware Monitor Winbond W83627HF
Dimensions 18.6(L) x 12.2(W) x 4.2(H) cm
Ordering Info
HS-7650M ULV IntelR CeleronR M processor SBC w/CF, CRT/LVDS, Audio, Dual LAN, 2C/485 & USB2.0
HS-7650MDVI ULV IntelR CeleronR M processor SBC w/CF, DVI-I, Audio, Dual LAN, 2C/485 & USB2.0
291-13010020 Y-cable for CRT & DVI-I use

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