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6.4" TFT LCD Panel PC
Compact & Robust
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Designed for Wafer-5820 / 5822 (PPC-5010), for Wafer-6820 (PPC-5012)
Supports vertical image shift direction selection switch and LCD On/Off switch
6.4" High Brightness TFT LCD
- 44-pin LCD connector interface to Wafer series SBC
- High brightness: 300 cd/m2
- Resolution: 640 x 480 with 18 bits colors
- LCD MTBF: 50000hrs
- Backlight MTBF: 20000hrs
Standard equipped with ACE-855A 55W industrial power supply (5V@10A, 12V@4A)
Space for one especially PC/104 module
Space for 2.5" HDD, most suitable to work with ICP Flash Disk IFD-250
Best solution for wall-mount human machine interface and embedded system developing application
Vibration: 5~17Hz, 0.1" double amplitude displacement 17~ 640Hz, 1.5G acceleration peak to peak
Shock: 10G acceleration peak to peak (11ms)
Operation Temp: 0~50�XC
Optional Resistive Touch Screen (T-R064B)
Optional ACE-855C + 24VDC input or ACE-845V + 12VDC input power supply
Net/GW: 1/2 (kg)
Ordering Info
PPC-5010W with Wafer-5820/5822
PPC-5012W with Wafer-6820-400 or Wafer-6820-600

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