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Socket LGA775
Socket 479
P4 Socket 478
PIII Socket 370
Embedded CPU

Pentium 4 800MHz FSB Industrial MiniITX Little Board with VGA/LVDS, LAN, Gigabit LAN, SATA, Audi, MiniPCI
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Support Pentium 4 Prescott (90nm) and Northwood (0.13um) CPU with 400/533/800M FSB speed selectable. Intel VRD 10.1 compliant to support future advanced processor.
Two DIMM sockets support up to 2GB memory size. System memory speed can be DDR266, 330 or 400, selectable by BIOS setup.
Dual SATA ports with classic IDE, RAID0 or RAID 1 mode configurable. Rebuild supported at RAID 1 mode with Intel IAA software.
Dual Intel LAN ports on-board. One Gigabit and one 10/100M Ethernet controller. Both can run on wire-speed.
Support Server-grade LAN features like Teaming, Load-balancing and Fault-Tolerance in wire-speed.
Boot Agent with both RPL and PXE protocol support is integrated in system BIOS for remote Boot functions.
LAN LED built-in RJ45 connector to display Speed, Link an activities. External connector is available to display LAN status on front Panel.
Two serious ports. One is RS232/422/485 selectable for remote control and data access.
AC97 3D Audio CODEC on-board with Line-IN, Line-OUT, Microphone and CD-IN interface.
One LVDS onboard supports 24-bits LVDS LCDs with auto-scaling function.
Eight USB2.0 ports. Four ports on rear panel for external access and four ports in a 2x5 box-header for internal devices connection.
Support Hardware Monitor and Watch-Dog timers. System will alert administrators while abnormal operation condition happened.
Support remote wake up on LAN and Modem.
One standard 32-bits 5V PCI slot for PCI add-on card or expansion Riser card.
One Mini-PCI socket on solder-side to support Mini-PCI add-on module like 802.11 wireless LAN cards and Modem card.
General Functions
CPU Processor Socket 478 supports Intel® Pentium® 4 series processors:
- Intel® Pentium® based on 0.13gcore, 400MHz FSB, up to 2.80GHz
- Intel® Pentium® 4 based on 0.13gcore, 512KB L2, 533MHz FSB, without HT Technology, up to 2.80 GHz
- Intel® Pentium® 4 based on 0.13gcore, 512KB L2, 533MHz FSB, with HT Technology, up to 3.06 GHz
- Intel® Pentium® 4 based on 0.13gcore, 512KB L2, 800MHz FSB, with HT Technology, up to 3.20 GHz
- Intel® Pentium® 4 based on 90nm core, 1MB L2, 533MHz FSB, with HT Technology, up to 2.80 GHz
- Intel® Pentium® based on 90nm core, 1MB L2, 800MHz FSB, with HT Technology, up to 3.4 GHz
Memory Two DDR DIMM Sockets support DDR 266/333/400 unregistered non-ECC Memory up to 2.0 GB
Video Controller
- 865G Integrated Intel Extreme Graphic Engine with 266MHz Core Frequency
- VGA/UMA shares System Memory as frame buffer. Buffer Size can be configured through BIOS setup
- High Performance and High Quality 3D graphic rendering Engine
- Video DVD and PC-VCR support
- One 15-pins D-type connector on bracket for CRT display
- IOne 40-pins 1.25mm connector to support LCD panel with LVDS interface
- VBIOS support diffused 18/24/48-bits TFT LCD. Panel type selectable through BIOS setup
- Dual Display to both CRT and TFT-Panel with scaling function
- Two Enhanced PIDE interfaces for up to four devices, support PIO Mode 3/4 or Ultra ATA33/66 /100 IDE Hard Disk, ATAPI CD-ROM and LS-120 drive
- Two SATA connectors support up to two SATA-150 HDDs
- Two SATA ports can be configured as RAID-0 and RAID-1 with RAID BIOS and Intel IAA drivers
- SATA RAID BIOS is integrated in System BIOS
FDD Support up to two floppy drives (360KB, 720KB, 1.2MB, 1.44MB, 2.88MB)
Super I/O
- Parallel Port: One high-speed parallel port with SPP/EPP/ECP mode support
- Serial Port: Two 16550 UART compatible ports. COM2 can be configured as RS232 as well as RS422/RS485 interface
- IrDA Interface: Pin-header connector for the optional IrDA external connector
Gigabit and
10/100M Ethernet
- Intel 82547GI and 82562ET Ethernet controller on-board
- Two LED to display the Speed, Link and Activity


Blinking: Activity


ORANGE: 1000M bps
Green: 100M bps
Off: 10M bps

- Support Teaming, load balancing and fault-tolerance with Intel Bay-City 3.0 drivers
- Support Wake-on-LAN while ATX power supply is attached
CMOS - On-board RTC with 242 bytes of Battery-back CMOS RAM
- One 3-pins Jumper to clear CMOS data
- RealTek ALC201A AC97 Audio chip on-board
- One 3-in-1 stack-up phone jacks on rear for Line-IN, Line-OUT and MIC cabling
- Internal connector for Line-IN, Line-OUT and MIC
- One CD-ROM Audio-In 4-pins connector on-board
Parallel One enhanced bi-directional parallel port supporting SPP/ECP/EPP

- Phoenix-Award Standard PnP BIOS 6.2
- 4Mbit FlashROM with BootBlock for Fail-safe
- Enhanced ACPI and DMI2.0 compliant
- BIOS utility for field update
- VBIOS and LAN remote Boot Agent integrated
- 32-pins PLCC type socket for easy field replacement

Expansion Slot
- One 5V 32-bits PCI slot, can support 2+ PCI slots through PCI riser card
- One MiniPCI socket
Power Connector

One ATX12V 2x2 connector on-board to support CPU Vcore power.

- One ATX 20pins connector on-board to support system power.

- One CPU cooling FAN connector near by CPU socket
- Two System cooling FAN connectors on boar

USB Interface
- Eight USB ports compliant with USB Specification Rev. 2.0 and support USB Hot-Plug function
- Four ports on rear penal with type-A connector for external USB devices
- Four ports in 2x5 box header for internal USB devices connection
- Support Legacy Usb devices and Boot from USB devices like USB-HDD, USB-Floppy and USB-CDROM
ATX Power Supply support
- On-borad 4-pin ATX power supply header (requires the passive backplane supports ATX power supply)
- On-board power button header for Soft power off, i.e. front panel turn off system power
- Support Windows2K/XP shutdown automatically turn off the system power
- Instant-off or delay-4-seconds selectable via BIOS setup
Hardware Monitor System

PC Health Monitoring ASIC supports system power voltages, FAN speed and system temperatures monitoring

Keyboard and Mouse connectors
- Dual Mini-DIN connectors on rear panel for PS2 type keyboard and mouse connection
- All USB ports support USB type keyboard and mouse
Environmental and Mechanical
Power Supply 9A@ +5v typical; 10A@ +12v typical 100mA@ -12V typical; 2A@ +5VSTB
Temperature Operating : 0XC to 60XC
storage : -40XC to 70XC
Humidity 5% to 95%
Form Factor MiniITX
Dimensions 170mm (L) x 170mm (W)
Ordering Info
AT-9000 Pentium 4 800MHz FSB Industrial MiniITX Little Board with VGA/LVDS, LAN, Gigabit LAN, SATA, Audi, MiniPCI

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