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Single Board Computer
Item No. Discription Quantity Location


AT-8552   1 TX, USA
F845G/VE+   1 TX, USA
G7V600-B LGA775 Intel® 915GV Socket 775 ATX Industrial Motherboard 1 TX, USA
GENE-6310-CE1   1 TX, USA
IB-104+800-256   1 TX, USA
IB-104P-533-10   1 TX, USA
MB988AK100   5 TX, USA
5.25 Socket 478 533MHz FSB CPU Board with LCD/ CRT VGA, Dual GbE, S-ATA, RAID Function & USB 2.0 3 TX, USA
NOVA-7896RFW   1 TX, USA
AMD Geode SBC with GX1-233 processor, Audio, VGA/LCD and Ethernet 1 TX, USA
PCM-6890   10 TX, USA
PCM-3663 Rev 1   7 TX, USA
Socket 370 815EP All-in-one Multimedia Little Board with VGA/LCD, Dual Intel® LAN/ 133MHz FSB 2 TX, USA
Wafer-5823R-300 Wafer-5823 with NS Geode GX1-300 CPU and dual Realtek RTL 8139C LAN 1 TX, USA
Wafer-5826-300 Embedded NS GX1 300MHz SBC, +5V input with LCD/CRT VGA /LAN /PCMCIA/FDD port 1 TX, USA
SBC-556-A10   1 TX, USA
SBC-456E-A11   5 TX, USA
ID120 Daughter card with TMDS, TV-out(S-Video & AV), and Audio (Line in , Line out, Mic) 6 TX, USA
HS-4500-10 266MHz   1 TX, USA
AR-1422   1 TX, USA
HS-2603 Cyrix Geode Embedded Engine Board with CompactFlash, CRT/Panel, Audio & LAN 1 TX, USA
AT-5512   1 TX, USA
AT-8261   3 TX, USA
AT-8558   1 TX, USA
IB850F Socket 478 Intel® 875P PICMG Full Size CPU Card, FSB 800MHz, support DDR, 82551 LAN x1, 82547 Gigabit LAN x1, MicroAGP for optional VGA expansion 2 TX, USA
PCM-6892   4 TX, USA

Industrial Backplane
Item No. Discription Quantity Location


PCI-13SD 13 Slots PICMG Bus Passive Backplane 46 TX, USA
HPP-14S 14 Slots PICMG Bus with PCI Bridge Backplane 3 TX, USA

Industrial Panel PC
Item No. Discription Quantity Location

12.1" TFT LCD Panel PC

PPC-5150-10 15" TFT LCD P4 Panel PC 1 TX, USA

Server Chassis
Item No. Discription Quantity Location
IAC-C800A-14 beige


IAC-C860F 6-slot Compact Chassis for Full-size SBC 10 TX, USA
RACK-1000KB 1U Keyboard Drawer with 104-Keys Keyboard & Trackball 16 TX, USA
RACK-2200L1R1   5 TX, USA
RACK-826B 6U 19" Rackmount Chassis, Support 4 x 5.25" CD-ROM + 2 x 3.5" FDD + 6 x 3.5" HDD Drive Bays, support 20 slots backplane 2 TX, USA
RACK-2500QO   1 TX, USA

Industrial Power Supply
Item No. Discription Quantity Location

PS/2 320W + 320W AC/DC Hot-Swap Redundant Power Supply with ATX Output

PIL-6400P   1 TX, USA

Item No. Discription Quantity Location
PCI 103-H

1 Slot 32 bit PCI Riser Card

33 TX, USA
PCI-IFD 1 front / 1 rear slot PCI Bus Card Drives 1 TX, USA




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