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5-slot, Mountable Open Standard Scalable PCIe/ USB 2.0 DINOBlade™ Form Factor Industrial Embedded System
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DINOBlade™ Concept & Benefits
The DINOBlade™, structured with blade-type modules like CPU, I/O application, chassis, backplane and power blades, is the new open standard scalable PCIe and USB 2.0 expandable form factor. It provides users a solid, flexible, compact, speedy and cost-efficient industrial system solution. Based on the DINOBlade™ form factor, users can develop and customize modular blades for a wide range of demanding industrial PC applications including automation, digital surveillance and embedded appliance industrial systems.

Why you need the DINOBlade™ Embedded System Series?
Blade-type modular design for easy development and maintenance.
High-speed PCIe and USB 2.0 interfaces for anoutstanding performance of system development.
Excellent flexibility of CPU, I/O, chassis, backplanes, power and application cards to allow system customization.
Various application blades for a wide application range of the DINOBlade™ Embedded System in diverse industrial environments.
Compact size for portable usage and suitability for industrial work environments where space is a premium.

DINOBlade™ Main features
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Blade-type Industrial PC Interface

High-Performance PCIe and USB 2.0 Interface

Customized Open Architecture  for I/O Expansion Blades

Passive and Active Backplanes
The DINOBlade™ designed with blade-type interfaces enable the modular development of industrial PCs. The modular design is easy for maintenance and function upgrade.

DINOBlade™ Product Highlight

The DIN-3000 is based on the new open standard scalable PCIe/ USB 2.0 Expandable DINOBlade™ form factor. The blade-type structure of the 5-slot, mountable DINOBlade™ DIN-3000 simplifies system upgrades and maintenance. One DIN-3000 slot is reserved for a CPU blade and another slot is reserved for a power module blade. The remaining three slots can accommodate different I/O application blades.


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